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Vital edition to any RN’s library.

Excellent reference guide that will be used every day!! Extremely useful.
Gave one as gift to new ICU RN.
Thank you.

Awesome book

Lots of information in a little book Highly recommend. I did add on to the basic book and I’m glad I did.

Postoperative Cardiac Surgery, 2014 (Optional specialty chapter not included in basic book)

Love it!

Absolutely love my new book! It has everything I need for my new ICU job!

Perfect gifts

I bought two of these for nursing students who are doing their practicums in our ICU. They both love them and I hope it is a valued resource to them as they begin their careers!

Handy helper

I use the guides often to refresh my knowledge for patients with issues I may not see often. Its also nice to have when there is conflicting information on the unit. I would recommend this to everyone in the medical field.

Great resource for ICU

I have worked ICU for just over 5 years now and learned about this resource from a fellow ICU nurse I used to work with. He highly recommended it and I see why. I had originally been waiting for the updated version before I bought it so, but after waiting for almost a year, I decided to just bite the bullet and buy it. I'm glad I did because I have used it multiple times now and let other nurses use it as well. I really would love an updated version though!!I feel like some of the things are likely a little outdated. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and I hope they continue to make this book as a resource for critical care nurses.

Great Book

This book has lots of great information, it is in a digestible format and is carried to work by many people in the ICU.

Outstanding Resource Fast Fact for Critical Care

Fast Facts for Critical Care has been an outstanding resource. I have purchased this for my new grad or new to specialty Emergency/ICU or a refresher for RNs. This has been invaluable to me as a refresher for bedside. I wish there would be an updated App version for current IOS for easier access. Highly recommend the pediatric insert. When will there be an update?

An Awesome Resource

A wonderful resource for anyone going into an ICU or CCU. Highly recommend for new nurse grads and experienced RNs in ICU or CCU.

An updated version would be appreciated also!

The app

I bought the app over a year ago and suddenly it’s not working . You can click on the heading but not the content. This app was expensive! I can no longer use it .

Pediatric Fast Acts

Very detailed and informative information. Probably one of the best if not the best quick facts for pediatric care.

Continued Cardiology Reference

I purchased this book for a new nurse friend who is graduating and working in a Cardiovascular Critical Care setting. I got this book over ten years ago with a group of critical care nurses for myself. I continue to utilize this book for my clinical setting as my ongoing reference. I feel my friend will also get as much utilization from the book. I like the ability to keep my information updated and will check periodically if new updates post. I know this will continue to be my reference book until I retire. I am moving into a cardiology nurse practitioner role where this book will continue to be at my side. Thank you for this fabulous book of Fast Facts!

I would love to see an updated version. But I love it as a resource.

Critical Care Fast Facts

I am new to critical care and this book is an excellent resource. I am so glad this book was referred to me. I have it with me at work all the time for quick reference.

Fast Facts for Critical Care book

This is one of my all time favorite resources I use all the time ! Full of great useful information! I recommend this book to all my fellow nurse friends!

Trauma Critical Care, 2014 (Optional specialty chapter not included in basic book)

Fast Facts for Critical Care™ - The Original Critical Care Pocket Reference - 2016 Edition

Fast Facts for Critical Care - The Original, Critical Care Nursing, Quick-Reference Pocket Guide - 2016 Edition


Love everything about this book. I work with cardiac so it is great to have cardiac reference at my fingertips

Fast Facts for Critical Care - The Original, Critical Care Nursing, Quick-Reference Pocket Guide - 2016 Edition

Fast Facts for Critical Care - The Original, Critical Care Nursing, Quick-Reference Pocket Guide - 2016 Edition

Great ICU Book

I’m in an ICU academy and this book was recommended by our educator. It is a great study guide and reference while at work. I would highly recommend it!