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Great Resource

This book is a great resource. I am a new grad in the ICU and I always have this book for my shifts.

Must have in Critical Care

An essential reference in critical care/ER. Also great for orientation of new staff

Good for trauma beginners

If you're a new grad in the ER, GET THIS BOOK. Thank me later.

Like this easy to use and portable reference to take when I travel on assignments for work.
Although small print, I find it very helpful.

Although I’ve worked in the ICU for years, I sometimes still go for reference checks and this book is awesome for that. It’s precise, short and sweet!! I have been recommending to my coworkers and student nurses!!

Awesome Reference!

Wow, I’ve been in the ICU for years now, but sometimes I need to refresh, and this book has everything necessary, quick and to the point! Great buy!!

Great Resource!

Love this guide. Quick reference & great jog of the memory. Would love to see an update of the ACLS guidelines.

This book is essential for ICU nurses and it has abundant information about advanced hemodynamics and other vital aspects of care for critical care nursing.

Nursing book

Excellent pocket book.
Very helpful.

I had high hopes for this book. Sadly it is written in a ridiculously small micro print that even with glasses, makes it useless

Save your money!!

Amazing resource! I lost my previous copy and have been lost without it. Too bad 2016 was the last update.

Great book

A quality little book! This is my second book, as I had one when I first started to practice. All the pertinent information I need at my fingertips in a compact binder. It would be great to see an updated version for 2023. Excellent customer service, very responsive!!

The binder is a great quality, I don’t have a problem with the rings not fitting together or papers falling out.

Great information but needs to be updated

Great information that can assist new and seasoned nurses in the current healthcare environment. Would like to see it updated to include more recent evidence and post Covid information

Pocket Info

So handy with all the information I need

Fantastic reference for the new ICU nurse. It lives in my work locker.

I’ve waited two years to purchase this book! When I was a nurse intern during nursing school all the nurses on my unit had this book in preparation for their CCRN. I had ready over different topics a few times and loved the layout! Once I received word that I passed my NCLEX 2 weeks ago, I purchased the book! I started this week as a new graduate nurse in the medical ICU and I can’t wait to continue utilizing this book to expand my experience as a nurse! Thank you!

To The Point

I hate reading textbooks that include a lot of in depth information that I probably don’t need. This book gets straight to the point and I love that.

I have bought a few of these books over the years. The first was for myself on the advice of my ICU preceptor. I can only say that it has been an important factor in my professional progression from novice to expert over the last 27 years. It is one of the rare resources that teaches you what to DO for the patient, and what you can expect the MD to order. It elevates practice. This one is for a CNA in nursing school whom I believe will one day be a great critical care RN.

I must point out, however, that I found a critical error in the gtt tables. The entry for dobutamine shows the concentration of drug to diluent next to it. You have Nipride instead of dobutamine. Pleae fix this.

I ordered this as a new nurse in the ICU. I have pretty much referenced it every shift and it has supplemented my learning very well!

Literally a life saver for me in paramedic school. Clean concise summaries in an easy to digest format. 10/10 recommend.

Spectacular resource that was recommended by my FTO. 10/10 recommendation.