About "Fast Facts for Critical Care"

The author of Fast Facts for Critical Care, Kathleen White, RN, MS, has over 25 years of critical care and emergency experience, 10 years of national and international presentations on Trauma and Critical Care, and has been the writer/publisher for Fast Facts for Critical Care for over 20 years.

Kathy recognizes the complexity of critical care. Treatment guidelines are issued by numerous medical specialties, are often lengthy and complex, and change often. Dozens of medications require clinicians to know indications, contraindications, complex dosing regimens, and adverse effects. Procedures for critical monitoring and for life support demand that we remain aware of and master the new devices that may offer state-of-the-art benefits to our patients.

Experienced as an clinician and educator, Kathy could see that keeping-up with the latest and greatest was becoming an insurmountable task. So Kathy determined to condense the mountain of information into a concise, carefully worded, simply illustrated, and very portable manual. And then update it every 2-3 years.

And she does her own artwork! Over 200 illustrations.

Time in business: 22 years

Location: Alabama

Contact: kwls.csr@gwins.cc